Polly World


Description: Polly world is a tangible, interactive musical multi sensory environment for co-creation among families with children with disabilities

Target Group: Families with and without children with disabilities, Musicians, Art audience
Interface I/O: RFID key cards attached to things and music cards, bend, touch/fourced feedback, microphone, movement sensor/accelerometer, speakers,
Sounds: original musical songs, playlists, interactive things sounds, generative interaction sounds, pitch-up-and-down effects, delay
Computer system: Beagle Bone Black, SuperCollider, Twitter, iPads
Created by: Birgitta Cappelen, Fredrik Olofsson, Anders-Petter Andersson
RHYME Research project: The Research Council of Norway, Oslo School of Architecture and Design, The Norwegian Academy of Music, University of Oslo, 2011-2016

Publications: Installations, Peer reviewed papers, books