Summer Course 2012

Peter making his instrument with accelerometers, speakers and buttons with arduino and Max/Msp at the 2011 Summer Course

The summer course 2012 in Interactive Sound Design/Ljuddesign för interaktion is up and running.

Join the creative hands-on workshops on weekends June 9-10, June 30-July 1, July 21-22, August 11-12, at Norrastationsgatan 8A in Hässlholm, Sweden. These are optional but we strongly recommend you attend at least 1-2 workshops. Two skilled teachers will help you make your dream music instrument or interactive installation come through, and you will meet creative students and musicians with a passion for technology and music.

Here are some things you need to preapare. If you feel unsure what to download or buy please join the first workshop and we help:

Buy sensor hardware we use in the course: Arduino Uno (ca. 400 SEK with usb cable):

Install Arduino software so that you can connect your Arduino board to your PC/MAC/Linux

Select what music software you like to work with: open source free Pd (Pure data) or Max/Msp. If you are uncertain we can help you during the workshops. What you choose depend on what you want to work with after the course. During the course we will offer parallel assignments and laborations in Max and Pd, but for the mobile/smartphone applications that you will make in Pd. Max/Msp works well with Ableton Live, Max for live, PC/Mac/Linux and costs $ 250 after a trial month ( Pd is free and works well with RJDJ android and iPhone/iPod mobile devices and on PC/Mac/Linux ( You can download both and try them before you choose. If it doesn’t really matter for you, we recommend you to select Pd.

Next time to apply for the summer course 2013 is March 15th.

More info: anders (at) interactivesound (dot) org